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Code of Ethics

As a Member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, I strive to practise safely, effectively and ethically, and to uphold the following principles:

Autonomy & Dignity of All Persons

To respect diversity, and the dignity and rights of all persons; to reject all forms of harassment and abuse; and to maintain appropriate therapeutic boundaries at all times.

Excellence in Professional Practice

To work in the best interests of clients; to work within my abilities and competencies; and to pursue personal and professional growth throughout my career.


To openly inform clients about options, potential risks and benefits of professional services; to recognize and strive to challenge my own professional and personal biases; and to consult on ethical dilemmas.


To stand against oppression and discrimination, and strive to support justice and fairness in my professional and personal dealings.

Responsible Citizenship

To participate in my community as a responsible citizen, always mindful of my role as a trusted professional; and to consult on potential conflicts-of-interest and other personal- professional challenges.

Responsible Research

To conduct only such research as potentially benefits society, and to do so safely, ethically and with the informed consent of all participants.

Support for Colleagues

To respect colleagues, co-workers, students, and members of other disciplines; to supervise responsibly; to work collaboratively; and to inspire others to excellence. 

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