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As a professional, it is my duty to provide confidential services to protect the client's privacy. All information shared in session is strictly confidential and is not shared outside of the therapeutic relationship. All information is stored in a secure and locked database.

However, in law, there are a few limits to confidentiality. These limits include:

  1. If there is reason to believe that you or someone else is in immediate danger of serious bodily or psychological harm. 

  2. If there is suspicion that a child under the age of 16 is being abused or neglected.

  3. If you tell your counsellor you were sexually abused by a healthcare provider, this must be reported to the healthcare provider's regulatory body.

  4. If your file is subpoenaed for a court proceeding.

  5. If federal or provincial law requires an investigation of inspection.

  6. The practice is under the supervision of Pavna Sodhi, EdD, RP. The supervisor and supervisee consult in order to ensure that the client receives the best support and care possible. You may contact the supervisor at any time if there are any questions or concerns about the services you are receiving.

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